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Chapter 554 The Police Has Arrived

  • Of course it mattered. Xiao Su didn't even know who to look for, but he fully understood that it was not an ordinary person seeing how Young Master Ye suddenly wanted to look for that person in the middle of the night. After this, Xiao Su had to check on Han Muzi's place and the surroundings, and he also had to check on other people as well.
  • This was a very difficult task for him. However, when the words reached his lips, Xiao Su's words changed again. "Y-You are right—it doesn't matter. I got it now, and I'll find out everything."
  • Beep… Beep… As soon as he finished his sentence, the other end had already hung up, so he could only hear the dial tone.
  • Xiao Su glanced at his clock. He was so angry that he was at a loss for words. It was in the middle of the night, and he was already off work; it was time for him to rest. However, with just a call from Ye Moxuan, his rest time was gone. If that was all, it was still alright. But Ye Moxuan asked him to settle this matter as soon as possible.
  • Arrghhh! Well, he's lucky to have me. If it was someone else in my shoes, how could they stand the instructions and torture of an abnormal person like Young Master Ye?
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