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Chapter 1059 Backing Her Up

  • Yan thought to herself that his behavior might have something to do with the incident with Han Qing last time. The thought of Han Qing slightly saddened Yan, who then hid her sadness away and whispered, "Dad, you can just sit here with Mom. I'll go inside and have a look."
  • Seeing that Yan was going in, Mr. Zhou was about to tag along, but he was stopped by Luo Huimei. "What are you doing? Just stay here. You just got out of the hospital."
  • Mr. Zhou remained silent. He had no bargaining power whenever it came to Luo Huimei, so he simply remained seated. At this moment, Luo Huimei noticed a few figures walking in from the entrance. She commented, "Customers are here. I'll go and attend to them. Please sit here and don't go anywhere else."
  • "Go, go."
  • Even though Luo Huimei stood up, Mr. Zhou was still staring in the direction where Yan went. It was obvious that he was looking for Little Bean, although he was just a kid. But that kid was Young Master Ye's child, and Mr. Zhou had never expected her daughter to be so close to Young Master Ye's son and wife. The knowledge of this somewhat comforted and delighted him. My daughter is doing much better than I am.
  • "Welcome. Please come in."
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