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Chapter 580 You’re the Only Woman in My Life

  • Unconsciously, Han Muzi’s initial shock had already faded away.
  • Ye Moxuan scrapped the essence on her chin with his finger and wiped it on her nose tip. “What is this?”
  • Fine. I didn’t wash my face properly. Her face blushed as she ignored Ye Moxuan’s words and diverted her eyes away. It then landed in the direction of the chaotic mess.
  • However, before she could have a clear look at it, Ye Moxuan stretched his huge hand out to block her vision. “Stop looking at it. I’ll bring you upstairs for you to rest for a while.”
  • After that, he carried her up and started walking up the stairs without asking for her permission. The more scared of it she was, the more curious she became, so when they walked past the dining table, she couldn’t help but glance over. Nevertheless, Ye Moxuan tilted her head away, as though he had predicted what she would do. “What’s there to look at? Don’t look at it if you’re scared!”
  • Later on, Ye Moxuan brought her back to her room and placed her on the soft bed. “Stay here. I’ll call you after I’m done with the mess downstairs.” He left right after.
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