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Chapter 808 Stubborn

  • Ye Moxuan?! Why is he here? Staring at Ye Moxuan who was sitting there, Duanmu Zhe’s eyes were filled with question marks. At first, he coincidentally stumbled across Han Muzi. Now, he met Ye Moxuan. After freezing for a few seconds, he turned to look at the lady from the front desk and Miss Lin. “This is the office of Yuchi Group’s President? Did I enter the wrong room?”
  • The two of them were thrown off by his sudden question and they looked at him with doubt in their gaze. Smiling slightly, Miss Lin explained, “Mr. Duanmu, you sure know how to crack a joke. There’s only one president’s office in the Yuchi Group. How would you have entered the wrong room?”
  • “Then… you’re telling me this person is Yuchi Shen?”
  • Miss Lin nodded, giving him a strange look. “Is there a problem, Mr. Duanmu?”
  • He was so shocked that he could not return to his senses just yet. Not being able to figure out what was going on in front of him, he could only wave his hand to indicate that everything was fine. Then, he walked in.
  • After entering, Duanmu Zhe kept looking at Ye Moxuan while wondering if he had recognized the wrong person. However, no matter which angle he looked at the man, he looked just like the man from before. Duanmu Zhe would never recognize the wrong person, but… Why had Ye Moxuan become Yuchi Shen?
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