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Chapter 10 Are You Pregnant?

  • The man carried Shen Qi on his shoulder all the way there. Her head was dizzy, and she almost threw up from the ‘bumpy ride.’
  • “This is kidnapping! I’m telling you now that I have nothing! Don’t you dare—” Shen Qi stopped talking because she was stunned by a figure sitting in the wheelchair.
  • Ye Moxuan! What is he doing here?
  • His midnight black eyes examined her, and the moment their eyes met, she looked away from him in fear.
  • Fortunately, I’m in full disguise, and Ye Moxuan won’t be able to recognize me. But why did he bring me here?
  • Don’t tell me… he found out that I’m pregnant and wants to chase me out of the house?
  • Shen Qi’s expression drastically changed when she thought of this possibility.
  • Ye Moxuan has been dissatisfied because I replaced Shen Yue in our marriage. If he found out that I’m pregnant, he’d definitely drive me out of the Ye Family!
  • Thinking of these possibilities, Shen Qi pushed the people away, turned around, and started running away.
  • Upon seeing this, Xiao Su cried out, “Get her back here!”
  • Ye Moxuan stared at her petite figure and recalled the night from a month ago, thereupon he demanded, “Don’t hurt her.”
  • Before Shen Qi could go far, she was captured once again, and it was useless no matter how much she struggled.
  • Her heart was beating wildly as she watched him being pushed toward her.
  • Oh no! I’m doomed! I’m going to be exposed! What should I do?
  • Although Ye Moxuan was sitting in a wheelchair, he was tall and not much shorter than her. Therefore, he could touch her mask when he reached out his hand.
  • Shen Qi’s eyes widened, and she turned her head away.
  • Ye Moxuan’s hand followed her again, and Shen Qi continued to avoid him.
  • This little game of tag made Ye Moxuan laugh, and he whispered in a deep voice, “You like to play games?”
  • What’s… going on? Shen Qi looked at him in disbelief.
  • Is this still the same cold, expressionless Ye Moxuan from before? How could his voice and tone turn gentle suddenly?
  • As she was thinking about the reasons behind his change, Ye Moxuan ripped her mask off without her knowing.
  • “Ah!” Shen Qi exclaimed and tried to cover her face. After a while, she felt that her arm was being seized.
  • The warmth in Ye Moxuan’s eyes slowly disappeared and was replaced by coldness when he took off her mask and saw her face.
  • After a while, he narrowed his eyes in annoyance. “It’s you?”
  • Shen Qi was also taken aback. Didn’t he know it was me?
  • “Are you really asking me that? Didn’t your men kidnap me here?”
  • Listening to her words, Ye Moxuan suddenly recalled something, and he squinted at her. “What are you doing at the hospital?”
  • Shen Qi immediately became nervous; she wasn’t a good liar. She then fluttered her eyelashes and replied, “I-I have a cold. Can’t I go to the hospital to get myself checked?”
  • Ye Moxuan raised his eyebrow and sneered. “So you went to the Gynecologist to have your flu checked? How about telling me what kind of disease you have?”
  • Shen Qi bit her lower lip and contemplated it for some time. Then, she suddenly asked, “What about you? You didn’t know it was me, but why did your men bring me here?”
  • Ye Moxuan was taken aback by Shen Qi’s question.
  • He didn’t expect this situation too. He wanted to look for the woman from a month ago, but his subordinates actually caught her instead, and coincidentally, she was at the Gynecology department too.
  • When he thought of the Gynecology department, Ye Moxuan suddenly realized something and asked coldly, “Are you pregnant?”