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Chapter 1642 Birthday Present

  • After listening to those words, Tang Yuanyuan’s thoughts drifted into the distance. If I can start dating in high school, then get married after graduating from university… that doesn’t seem like a bad idea! Still, Yishu and I have an age gap between us. By the time I enter university, Yishu would be a university graduate! There’s no way we can spend every day together. Mulling over it, Tang Yuanyuan’s expression became slightly sad. What a pity…
  • On the other hand, Yuan Yuehan was still grabbing onto Tang Yuanyuan. Her thoughts had also drifted far into the distance, dreaming of a beautiful future.
  • “You have to come. Please come. It’s fine even if you aren’t looking for a guy. Just eat a little something at my birthday party; that’s enough to support me. It’s my birthday after all. I can’t have a low turnout, right?”
  • In the end, Tang Yuanyuan could only agree. “Alright, I’ll be there.”
  • “I love you so much, Yuanyuan!” Yuan Yuehan hugged her tightly. Then, she glanced over and spoke loudly to Meng Kefei, who was lying on the upper bunk bed, “Fei, you have to come with Yuanyuan too. Neither of you should be absent.”
  • Meng Kefei had yet to fall asleep. When she heard Yuan Yuehan talking to her, she couldn’t pretend to be sleeping. Thus, she replied, “I might be working then. If my boss allows me to take a day off, I’ll attend. Otherwise, you’ll have to excuse me.”
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