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Chapter 279 Touched

  • He was so strong that Shen Qi’s resistance came to no avail, so she could only rebuke him loudly, "Ye Moxuan, what are you doing? Stop it!"
  • However, he didn't stop; it was as if he didn't hear her words.
  • Shen Qi panicked and quickly reached out to grab his large hand. "Don’t unbutton my shirt!"
  • As the hot mist filled the bathroom, Ye Moxuan saw Shen Qi's pale face start to turn into a shade of rosy red, and she became increasingly shy. He couldn't help but curl his lips into a coy smile and teased, "If you don't unbutton your shirt, how are you going to take a bath?"
  • Shen Qi’s face was as red as a tomato. She endured the urge to push Ye Moxuan away and stretched out her hand to protect the buttons on her flimsy shirt. "No, Ye Moxuan, don’t. Let me go."
  • "Why are you so shy?" The more she resisted, the more Ye Moxuan wanted to get close to her. Both their clothes were already wet under the hot water. With a strong tug, he pulled her down to lie on him.
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