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Chapter 1331 Taking Advantage

  • Jiang Xiaobai felt drowsy. She wasn't able to sleep until four last night, and it was only around seven in the morning did she feel sleepy. As long as she closed her eyes, she could immediately fall back to sleep. The fact that she was able to hear Xiao Su’s voice and listen to his responses was already not easy. When she was in Xiao Su’s arms, she felt intensely warm in his embrace. Unintentionally, her body even rubbed against his embrace.
  • Xiao Su’s body froze. When he was about to push her away, Jiang Xiaobai hugged his slender waist even closer. Seeing this, Xiao Su was rendered speechless. He cackled while looking at the person that was tightly hugging him. “Jiang Xiaobai, is this your way of taking advantage of me while pretending to fall asleep?”
  • But he was not able to get an answer because Jiang Xiaobai was sleeping so soundly in his arms. As he looked down, he could see Jiang Xiaobai with her eyes closed, her long curved and thick lashes formed a light shadow, her face pale and clean, not a single color of lipstick on her lips, but rather the a natural, faint shade of color that was not bright but gave a soothing and clean feeling. After a while, Xiao Su wanted to put her on the sofa but seeing how the sofa looked, he did not feel comfortable putting her there to sleep, so he just carried her up.
  • Jiang Xiaobai was dead asleep. When she was carried, she only made a small sound before falling silent again. Upon seeing her in such a manner, Xiao Su figured that if anyone were to barge in and kidnap her, she probably would still be dead asleep. He then carried her into the bedroom, and left after a moment.
  • When Jiang Xiaobai awakened, it was nearly noon. She was still a little sleepy, and when she was sleeping, she felt that the sun was shining directly on her face and her eyelids, which made her extremely uncomfortable. When she opened her eyes and saw the sun in the bedroom, she was nearly blind. Who drew the curtain? Can’t I just get some rest? She snapped bitterly. After giving herself a piece of her mind, Jiang Xiaobai pulled her sheets over her head and everything returned to peaceful darkness. At last, she could continue on sleeping. However, after a while, her small head popped out of the covers.
  • Huh? Jiang Xiaobai rubbed her eyes, her small face full of confusion. Something seems off? She vividly recalled sleeping on the couch last night. She remembered working till midnight, then felt extremely sleepy not long later. She had considered going home, but because it would be too risky for her to go back home alone in this late night—since there was hardly anyone on the streets at this hour—she ended up sleeping on her couch. But how… did she end up waking on this huge bed?
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