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Chapter 1253 I’ve Been Acting Out?

  • After her shock had passed, Han Muzi smiled faintly. This girl… is indeed much more aggressive than I’d imagined. She vaguely remembered that Yan had once told her a very long time ago that she’d definitely bed Han Qing even if she had to force herself on him. Now, she’d finally realized her dream of bedding him, but it remains uncertain… whether she’d forced herself on him. Although Han Muzi was rather curious about the answer, she was truly embarrassed to ask such an overly private question that was related to her brother at that.
  • As she was pondering the issue, another message came from Yan. ‘Muzi, why aren’t you saying anything?’
  • Uh… Holding her cell phone in hand, Han Muzi looked rather lost for words. Am I… supposed to say something? After deliberating it at length, she could only type back a word in reply. ‘Congratulations.”
  • Upon seeing this word, Yan was so elated that she couldn’t help rolling on the bed as excitement suffused her. Before she’d rolled on the bed, everything was fine, but after doing so, her entire body felt awfully sore again. Although Han Muzi was Han Qing’s sister, she was Yan’s only best friend, so she couldn’t temper her desire to share it with someone when such a thing had transpired. Now that she’d gotten her congratulations, she was naturally ecstatic inwardly. After she’d calmed down, she bit her lower lip for a moment, but she couldn’t resist the urge to type out a question to Han Muzi. ‘Did it also hurt during your first time with Young Master Ye back then?’
  • Han Muzi was dumbfounded, feeling torn between laughter and exasperation. This girl truly dares to ask and say anything. However, on second thought, she was Yan’s only best friend, so it must have been difficult for her to bottle everything, for who else could she talk to if not her? As this thought occurred to her, Han Muzi instantly understood her.
  • However, now that she’d mentioned this, Han Muzi’s thoughts subsequently drifted to the past. Speaking of her first time, it was truly pretty tragic. At that time, she didn’t know who that man was, and she’d just finalized her divorce with Lin Jiang that day. Later that night, she packed her things and left during the night. It was raining heavily, and her clothes were soaked through. She’d also almost gotten hit, and that person then…
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