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Chapter 18 Who Is the Beast?

  • Shen Qi felt like she had been asleep for a long, long time.
  • She had a bad dream. Ye Moxuan had seen through the fake abortion certificate that she had asked Han Xueyou to find someone to make. Then, she was taken to the hospital by force and her baby was brought out in the most gruesome and bloody way.
  • “Ah!” Shen Qi screamed in terror as she sat up from the bed.
  • She covered her tummy with her hand subconsciously. She was covered in cold sweat.
  • She looked at her surroundings and noticed that it was already daytime. Moreover, the surroundings looked familiar. It must be Ye Moxuan’s room.
  • Then, the memories from yesterday came flooding back as Shen Qi lifted up the covers suddenly and jumped down the bed. Was her child gone? Would she be denied the chance to become a mother in the future?
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