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Chapter 1426 On Fire

  • Since both of them had reached an agreement and Jiang Xiaobai seemed rather pleased with the outcome of the negotiation, she stopped bothering Xiao Su and they went back into the bedroom and slept.
  • This time, Jiang Xiaobai fell asleep calmly not long after she lay down.
  • Xiao Su, on the other hand, wasn’t sleepy at all after being bothered by Jiang Xiaobai. He kept thinking about everything Jiang Xiaobai told him just now. Also, he couldn’t stop thinking about that person she mentioned. Tomorrow, she’ll wear her wedding dress and marry the man she loves. She must be feeling very happy tonight. The person she loves also loves her at the same time, and both of them can live together happily ever after for the rest of their lives. It’s indeed a happy thing to do in one’s life. What about me? Will I live happily ever after with Xiaobai?
  • Finally, it was the day of the wedding.
  • Yan didn’t sleep very well last night. She needed to wake up really early in the morning to get dressed and get her makeup done. She felt so sleepy that she could barely open her eyes by the time she woke up. The makeup artist screamed the moment she saw Yan.
  • “Mrs. Han, what did you do last night? Why are there dark circles around your eyes? They look so obvious!”
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