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Chapter 1155 Nothing Happened

  • Hearing those words, Yan stopped walking and stood where she was. Then, she watched as Han Qing brought a pair of slippers over to her and bent down to place them in front of her. “Change into these; those slippers are too big for you. It’s easy to slip and fall wearing those.”
  • Looking at the light-blue female slippers placed in front of her, she thanked him and put them on. She then bent down to pick up the male slippers she had been wearing before, but his movements were faster than hers. Picking up the slippers, he went downstairs. Afterward, she remained where she was as she looked down at the dress she was wearing, then looked at the color of her slippers. She let out a happy sigh.
  • Luckily, his aesthetic sense was unlike that of a stereotypical straight man’s despite being an inflexible man himself. If he was like a stereotypical straight man, then he might have assumed that all girls liked pink. If so, the dress and slippers she wore today could have turned out like a hot-pink mess. Then, she followed him downstairs. Sky was already sitting in its seat waiting for its meal. When it saw her coming down, it tilted its head to the side and meowed at her. Thus, she immediately took the seat next to it.
  • Many breakfast dishes were laid out across the table—even the milk was still steaming hot. It was her first time sitting down, face-to-face, with Han Qing for a meal, so she felt very uneasy. Thus, she just sat there petting Sky’s head for a long while. Sky meowed loudly, feeling as if its head was going to go bald from the constant petting. It shifted its head to the side, trying to get out of her clutches.
  • “Don’t go,” Yan softly murmured. She picked up the cat before it could escape. Due to her nervousness, she did not know what to do with her hands, and so she could only continuously pet its head.
  • Meow!” Sky struggled slightly while voicing out its displeasure.
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