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Chapter 1207 Critically Hurt

  • “How many pieces do you want to eat?” Han Qing narrowed his eyes. He initially intended not to allow the young lady to have even one piece, but unexpectedly, she actually wanted to have a few pieces.
  • Upon seeing him narrowing his eyes, Yan corrected herself. “Two pieces!” she said as she stuck two fingers out. “Can I? I will just eat two pieces and I won’t eat it again after this.”
  • Han Qing merely looked at her without saying anything. Coughing once, Yan slowly retracted one of the two fingers. “Then… how about one?”
  • He continued to remain silent. She felt dejected in the next instant. Although she really wanted to eat cake, she had no choice but to give up without obtaining his consent. “Fine then. I’m not eating.” After saying that, her spirits sank. Just when she dropped her head, he stroked the back of her head helplessly and moved that small piece of cake in his hand to her front before muttering, “Here, eat.”
  • Seeing the slice of cake in front of her, her eyes instantaneously twinkled as she looked up at him, as if asking for his approval. “Really? You’re not going to get angry?”
  • “This is the last one.” His hand slid from the back of her head to her fair cheeks, gently tucking in the few strands of loose hair by her cheeks to the back of her head.
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