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Chapter 1132 I Don’t Have Anything to Talk About With You

  • The night breeze blew the loose hair in front of Yan’s forehead, but under her hair, her eyes were determined and her fair, clear little face was impassive. “I’ve said what I wanted to say. President Han, if there’s nothing else, please leave.”
  • The tall figure before her eyes stood in place without responding to her and just peered at her with his pair of dark eyes—he had no intention to leave. After waiting for a while and realizing that he still refused to leave, she directly turned around and returned to the restaurant without even casting a glance at him.
  • When Yan entered, Luo Huimei, who stood not far from them, looked satisfactorily at her daughter standing at the door while talking with the young man. Though the distance between them wasn’t particularly near, she saw the man’s face with clarity. He seemed to be an outstanding person and until now, his emotions were calm and not agitated at all. No wonder her daughter felt sad and heartbroken over him.
  • Upon seeing her daughter returning inside, Luo Huimei attempted to stop her but failed, leaving her with no choice but to follow her into the kitchen. “How did it go? Did you follow my advice to talk it out with him?”
  • “Yes, I told him everything,” Yan replied to her listlessly. She was initially energetic, but was like a puppet that lost its strings and lying at one side lifelessly, looking as if she was weary with the world after she met Han Qing.
  • “You’ve talked it out, so what happened instead? Why do you look lifeless? Did both of you not reach a consensus?”
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