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Chapter 1323 Never Loves You Back

  • Lin Xuzheng and Xu Yanwan grew up together. He knew her too well. Aside from her parents, he was the person who understood her the most. Lin Xuzheng was like a mind-reader, skilled in observing and analyzing human behavior. Xu Yanwan was also capable of hiding her true feelings. If he hadn’t grown up with her, Lin Xuzheng probably would not be able to read her mind or understood her well too.
  • “What do you mean?” Xu Yanwan looked at him in surprise, smiling uncomfortably.
  • Wearing a serious expression on his face, Lin Xuzheng continued, “You have joined the Han Group for quite some time now, so you must have known that Han Qing has a girlfriend.”
  • “So what?” Xu Yanwan asked.
  • Lin Xuzheng frowned. So what? “Don’t you like him?”
  • “I do. I won’t pretend in front of you. I do like him, but what does it have to do with him having a girlfriend?”
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