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Chapter 698 Who Says I Am Being Disliked

  • "In that case, this child looks at least four to five years old. Could he be the child of the daughter of the Shen Family? But… isn't Young Master Ye going to marry the Han Family's daughter? Is he… the child of his ex-wife?"
  • "If there is a child, it must be difficult for the Han Family's daughter. Rumor has it that she is Han Qing's long-lost sister, whom he has been pampering since he found her. Would Han Qing be happy if his sister is going to be someone's stepmother?"
  • "Though they look really good together, being a stepmother is surely a difficult thing. But who knows what goes on behind the scenes in these wealthy families? There might even be something shady going on behind this marriage."
  • The gossips gradually floated over. The discussions became extremely loud—as if Ye Moxuan was non-existent.
  • In the beginning, Ye Moxuan did not want to pay any heed to them, but seeing how the discussions got heated, and especially when they began talking about Han Muzi, Ye Moxuan got extremely annoyed. The atmosphere around him began to feel intense.
  • "Uncle and aunties, you guys are bad. Since when my mommy said she's going to be a stepmother?" Just as Ye Moxuan was about to yell, a pure, yet firm voice was heard.
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