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Chapter 1376 That’s Not How Feelings Work

  • Get a car for me? Xu Yanwan’s face immediately turned sour. She clenched her jaw tightly, then finally unfastened her seatbelt and stepped out of the car. “There’s no need to. If you don’t like me sitting here, then I’ll just get out.”
  • Upon seeing her give in, Yan kept her phone away and smiled. “If that’s the case, then very well. I’ll respect your decision.” With that, Yan went straight into the backseat without any hesitation instead of sitting where Xu Yanwan was before.
  • The air stiffened. At least, that was what Xu Yanwan thought. She automatically looked over at Han Qing. Although he doesn’t like me, he might still speak up on my behalf because of our family ties. But she was disappointed as Han Qing looked at her without any hint of sympathy and said, “I’ve spoiled Yan rotten. We’re not too far away from the place you mentioned so you can just get a taxi. The company will cover the fee.” Then, he carried the grocery bags and left as well.
  • Once the car was gone, Xu Yanwan stood there all alone. At first, she tried her best to hold it in, but the tears fought their way out and flowed down her face in a second. She was unable to hold them back anymore. It seemed like all the anguish she had all came pouring out in that moment. She squatted down as she trembled all over.
  • Meanwhile, after Yan sat in the backseat, she stayed looking out the window unhappily and did not talk to the person in the front seat. The atmosphere in the car was bleak. Han Qing saw her pouting through the rear view mirror. For some reason, he did not feel angry and was, in fact, delighted. Wowie, someone’s jealous.
  • To him, the seats were all the same and he did not read that much into it. Moreover, he did not know about the popular saying on the internet that the passenger seat was reserved for girlfriends only. It was just a seat, anyway. Anyone can sit there if they want to. Besides, it wouldn’t change how I feel. But he did not expect Yan to get so angry over it that she would not even say a word to him.
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