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Chapter 1257 I Think I Can Hold on a Little Longer

  • This girl… Han Qing placed his large hands on her head and slightly squinted his eyes. “Now you know to worry?”
  • Yan bit her lower lip at a loss for words. When she was on her aggressive run last night, she never once thought of such a serious issue. At the time, she only thought of bedding her dream man. Who knew there were so many things to worry about after the fact. Sob, sob… If only I knew… Wait, that’s not right. Even if I knew, I would probably make the same choices the night before.
  • She was so into Han Qing. Only good things would come if she were to have his baby, so why was she in such a dilemma? All she was afraid of was the pressure it would bring to Han Qing. After all, he’d suffered so badly just to hold everything in. He’d even asked her if she would regret at the crucial moment. That was part of the reason why Yan didn’t want to give him any unnecessary pressure.
  • When she thought of this, Yan raised both hands to promise, “Let’s get out of this island now and I’ll go buy some emergency contraceptive pills so that we can be sure I won’t get pregnant. If I really end up getting pregnant, I won’t burden you with any pressure, I—ouch!”
  • Before she could finish her sentence, Han Qing frowned and flicked her on her forehead.
  • “What are you going on about again? What do you mean you won’t burden me with any pressure? You were thinking for my sake from the beginning till the end?”
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