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Chapter 635 Do You Want Me to Lose Control in Public?

  • “We are already here; do you still think I am joking with you?” As Ye Moxuan answered her, he raised his hand to tidy up her silky hair, toying with a few strands while he was at it.
  • Han Muzi lowered her head, staring at the way he played with her hair.
  • “I am serious. If your opinion about me was affected by an unknown woman, then I would like to prove that I have nothing to do with her. From the first day since we met, what I’ve said and done has been sincere without an ounce of fakeness.”
  • “But...” Han Muzi raised her head and saw his increasingly bloodshot eyes. She then asked, “You haven’t had any sleep in the past two days, have you? Can your body even withstand it?”
  • They looked at each other; Ye Moxuan then lowered his head and leaned his forehead against hers as he shut his eyes tiringly.
  • “It can’t, but I can’t stand losing you even more. You can’t trust Ye Linhan because he is up to no good.”
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