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Chapter 471 Stir Up Some Trouble

  • "Help?" Han Muzi hesitated. "You—"
  • "Don't underestimate us." Leng Yueyue patted Han Muzi on the shoulder and then looked at Wang An on her side. "Wang An is a computer expert. He can take a look for you."
  • Hearing that, Han Muzi glanced at Wang An.
  • Seeing that he was known as the computer expert in front of his crush, Wang An was so happy that his eyes seemed to burst into pink lovely bubbles. He immediately nodded and patted his chest confidently. "Don't worry, let me do it. I'll hack into their system!" With that, he sat down in front of the computer, and everyone leaned over to him.
  • Han Muzi was a little skeptical, while pursing her red lips as she watched Wang An in action. Leng Yueyue seemed to see through Han Muzi's thoughts and softly explained, "A normal computer expert can't hack into other people's systems, but Wang An is different. His family does this for a living. You guys must never let anyone else know!"
  • Han Muzi also felt that it was quite impossible to be able to hack into a system at ease. On top of that, it was illegal to hack into someone else's system. She would not recommend him to do so, but it was quite difficult to track hackers down either.
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