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Chapter 161 I Could Offer You My Life; What Do You Think?

  • “Keep her away from disasters?” Mrs. Shen looked irritated. “Qi, how could you think of me that way? That was never my intention. You know that you’re my daughter too, right? How could I treat you as a shield to keep Yue away from disasters?”
  • “Is that so?” The smile on Shen Qi’s face looked extremely bitter, and both her hands were clasped tightly together under the table. Her fingernails were digging deep into her skin but it did not feel half as painful as what she was feeling in her heart right now.
  • “Mom, I remember vividly what you said back then. You said you couldn’t have both your daughters ruined. Your precious daughter, Shen Yue, always had the best clothes and attended the best classes ever since she was little. I’m also your daughter, but it was a different case for me. I was assigned to take care of her and was expected to yield to her requests, but I wasn’t too bothered about it because I thought that it was something that an older sister should do. Yet, when I went back home after my divorce, you didn’t even show your concern for me but forced me to replace Yue to marry into the Ye family instead. At that time, you knew that I was going to marry a handicapped man. You couldn’t bear to let Yue marry him, therefore you asked me to do it in her place.”
  • Apprehension emerged in Mrs. Shen’s eyes as she clarified, “The current situation is different. Aren’t you leading a comfortable life now? You’re working at a huge company, staying at a huge house and right now, you can even afford to have coffee at such a luxurious place. What else do you want?”
  • Shen Qi wiped away her tears. “If you could foresee the future back then, would you still ask me to marry into the Ye family?”
  • “Of course I wouldn’t… Let’s not talk about this anymore. In conclusion, you’re leading a good life now. Isn’t that the only thing that matters? Why do you have to care about what happened in the past?”
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