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Chapter 175 Don’t the Two of You Sleep Together?

  • The movement of Ye Moxuan together with his wheelchair stopped and he looked up coldly at Shen Qi’s face which was blessed with fair complexion.
  • Derisively, he stared at Shen Qi and spoke in a tone brimming with contempt, “I did it on purpose? Miss Second-marriage, I think you’re thinking too highly of yourself.”
  • With her face turning pale, Shen Qi bit her lower lip and challenged, “You know clearly whether what I said was true or not.”
  • Looking indifferent, Ye Moxuan snapped, “Scram.”
  • Shen Qi was speechless.
  • Suppressing her anger, Shen Qi did not back away but instead turned around and left him behind.
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