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Chapter 988 I Really Like You

  • At this moment, Yan was quietly hiding in her room. She was hoping that Muzi and the others would not have noticed anything. If they found out that she and Xiao Su kissed, she… wouldn’t know how to face Han Qing again.
  • Yan leaned her head against the door, attempting to eavesdrop on what everyone outside was talking about. It was a futile attempt—probably due to the distance or the fact that this door had good sound insulation. The most she could hear was the sound of people chatting outside. However, she could not decipher the actual contents of the conversation.
  • Yan was anxious and annoyed. What's wrong with Xiao Su? Why did he kiss me all of a sudden? Even though… that kiss was just a light touch. But after that… he seemed to…
  • Yan felt the blood rush to her cheeks as she thought about that. When it became quiet outside, she felt perturbed. She was curious as to whether or not Han Qing had come back with them, but she felt too guilty to go outside. While she was feeling extremely nervous, a knock came from the door.
  • Hearing this knock instantly froze Yan. She reflexively straightened her body and remained silent. Who's that? Who'd knock on my door at this hour?
  • "We're safe. Don't worry." A familiar voice came from the other side of the door while all these thoughts were going through her mind. That's… Xiao Su's voice!
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