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Chapter 1374 I Won’t Give You a Chance

  • At the cafe, Xu Yanwan had been looking at Han Qing, who was inside, from the side of the road for a long time. His face seemed a lot thinner after just a week of not seeing him. There was a tired look on his handsome face, but that sharp edge to his gaze was still obvious. He had become like this because of his girlfriend. The thought of this made Xu Yanwan’s heart even more bitter. She swallowed all the sad emotions before letting a smile bloom upon her face and walking in.
  • When he saw her, Han Qing remained expressionless. He only said ‘you’re here’ and nothing more. Xu Yanwan ordered a cup of coffee before sitting down quietly. She could guess what Han Qing wanted to say and she also knew what Han Qing wanted to do, but she still refused to say even a word. She would just let Han Qing begin.
  • Sure enough, when her coffee came, Han Qing started speaking, “In the past, the Han and Xu families shared a good relationship. In fact, the elders had the idea of going through life and death matters together. If the Han family was going through problems, Xu Group would not sit idly by. And when the Xu family was going through something, the Han family would naturally be obliged to help. But then the Xu family fell and the Han family did not fulfill our responsibility as well as keep to our promise at the time. That was my fault.”
  • Xu Yanwan stirred the coffee in front of her without saying anything.
  • “Before, you were unwilling to let me extend a helping hand to you, but now, I have to do it. Yanwan, you should start a company. I’ll assist and aid you until the company takes shape. You can get the help of any of the directors in Han Group. When the Xu family is revived, my duty will be fulfilled. It’s only in this way that I won’t feel sorry toward Uncle Xu and Aunt Xu any longer.”
  • These words sounded quite normal as he was talking about the promise the elders made in the past. Furthermore, Han Qing himself had agreed to it, so he would help till the end. However, Xu Yanwan still felt uncomfortable. She bit her lower lip and raised her head. “Are you doing all this just to get rid of me?” She gave a feeble smile as she continued, “I haven’t done anything and neither do I want to do anything. I’m just here to work at the company. Can’t you just let me be?”
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