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Chapter 1336 What Had Happened?

  • However, Xiao Su was wrong. Contrary to what he had thought, Jiang Xiaobai was throwing a tantrum, but using a different way.
  • She was unlike some of the others who would vomit, cry and scream whenever they were drunk.
  • As long as Jiang Xiaobai got the wine, that would satisfy her alcohol cravings. She would thus stop crying nor creating any disturbance.
  • When Xiao Su asked Jiang Xiaobai if she was alright, she would put on a shy expression and speak in a gentle tone, "Don't worry about me, Your Majesty. I will be fine. It's just a small sip."
  • Upon hearing her words, Xiao Su didn't know what to say.
  • She is way too immersed in her acting.
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