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Chapter 197 Don’t Make Things Difficult for Her

  • A few moments later, Yan returned with two plates of food and passed one of them to Shen Qi. “Here. Seeing how you exerted yourself last night, I’ve given you a bigger portion.” Yan was so delighted with herself. “How is that? Don’t you think I love you dearly?”
  • “You…” Shen Qi glanced at the extra chicken breast in her bowl with a sense of defeat.
  • “Have you thought about what you’re going to say? Tell me what’s going on with this whole ruckus.”
  • Shen Qi understood Yan’s concern for her; however, the matter at hand was just too complicated, and it was hard to relay everything on the spot. “It's too crowded here, and it’s not the best place to talk about this,” Shen Qi said after giving it some thought. “If some conniving person caught wind of this, things will be…”
  • Yan seemingly realized something as well, and she nodded in agreement. “True, people are going to swarm you if they know about your identity. Forget it, and just tell me about it another time.”
  • “Thank you, Yan.”
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