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Chapter 741 My Selfish Interest, Was All Because of You

  • After the meeting ended, Han Muzi hailed a cab and sent Xiao Su back to the hospital.
  • Xiao Su was unwilling in the beginning, but Han Muzi said to him directly, “This is not a small injury. Your whole body is wounded and if they don’t heal properly, how would you be able to handle the company’s affairs in the future? We have a tough fight waiting for us.”
  • Xiao Su was convinced. He then went to the hospital as told.
  • Han Muzi was preparing to head over to the office directly, but someone was blocking her way when she made a turn at the corner. When she realized who was in her way, Han Muzi stopped and gave the person a cold-eyed stare. “Is there anything you need?”
  • It was not a random person who was in her way. It was someone from the meeting earlier, Ye Linhan. Old Master Ye was not around now, for someone just sent him to the nursing home. Despite the fact that Old Master Ye still withhold those sharp savvy eyes, he had to sit on a wheelchair, and since he was unable to stand up, he couldn't oppose. Should he be assailed with some illness, then they would have all the more reason to send him to a nursing home.
  • It was not that Han Muzi didn't respect the elders, but it was because of what she heard from Ye Moxuan. In order to force Ye Moxuan to return to the Ye Family, Old Master Ye unscrupulously caused the death of his mother. The impact of this traumatic experience that was left with young Ye Moxuan was immeasurable.
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