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Chapter 431 Didn’t You Tell Me to Invite You Personally?

  • Yan had known Han Muzi for years and understood her. She would never do something she was uncertain of, so she must have a reason for asking her to leave with Little Bean. As for the man upstairs, after being with Han Muzi for so long, Yan could roughly figure out who it was after she gave it some thought.
  • “Aunt Yan, are we not having the fancy meal?” Little Bean asked as he stared at her with his round eyes.
  • “We’ll have it some other day. Your mom has some sudden work issue, so we have to leave first.”
  • Little Bean’s eyes were glimmering as if light passed, but he finally nodded obediently and allowed Yan to put the hat on him. He then took her hand and they left together.
  • Ye Moxuan’s eyes fell on them. He only noticed that there was a child with Han Muzi when he saw them standing up. But he didn’t think much of it and just thought that the child could be her colleague’s. But for some reason, when the child left with Yan, Ye Moxuan’s gaze followed them. When they walked to the entrance, the little boy who was wearing a cap raised his head suddenly and half of his face was exposed. It was just one glance but Ye Moxuan’s face changed immediately. That kid...
  • Just then, those who went down pushed the door open and came in. The noise interrupted Ye Moxuan’s train of thoughts. He got back to his senses and stared at them coldly as if questioning them. Their faces changed a little as they stepped forward. "Y-Young Master Ye…"
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