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Chapter 876 Lame Argument

  • This man. He always likes to be direct about it. Han Muzi felt that if she kept on talking with him, she would be the one taken advantage of. Hence, she cut off the conversation right on time and changed the subject. “Let’s go back home first.”
  • The supermarket wasn’t far away from her community, so that was probably why Ye Moxuan could find her.
  • However, Han Muzi was still worried. After all, she went out early in the morning, and according to the call from Ye Moxuan, she didn’t know whether he had done something about it. What should I do if he asks me? What should I say? Should I just tell him the truth?
  • Han Muzi pursed her lips as she seemed to be lost in her thoughts when being dragged forward by Ye Moxuan. She thought to herself, Actually… I don’t have anything to hide from him on purpose since these are all his past memories that he has lost. If… he really notices or remembers something… speaking the truth doesn’t seem that bad at all.
  • Ye Moxuan came by car, so he brought Han Muzi into his car, but when he saw her entering the car heavy-hearted, he stretched his hand out to block her head from colliding with the doorframe.
  • Meanwhile, Han Muzi was still thinking about the matter when all of a sudden, she felt a warm breath closing in on her. When she came back around, she suddenly saw his handsome face enlarged right in front of her.
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