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Chapter 620 What Does He Want?

  • After Yan received the answer from Han Muzi, she felt confident instantaneously, and her spirit had been restored.
  • This was the first time she noticed that Muzi had another skill so she could not help but said, "Muzi, you are good at this. I reckon you are qualified to be a love guru."
  • After hearing this, Han Muzi could only let out a bitter laugh. Who could she be a love guru to? She could not even take care of her own love life. However, what she just told Yan… had surprised herself.
  • She looked down at the documents on her desk. Did she want to see Ye Moxuan right now? It seemed like it. So, should she follow her instincts and give him a call?
  • In recent times, he always took the initiative to show up around her, but now, he was out of the country and did not give her a call, and that was probably because he had promised not to come and look for her. Is that why he never informed me? It might be because of that.
  • After some thought, Han Muzi unconsciously pulled out her phone and opened her WeChat. She found Ye Moxuan's profile and clicked on it to send him a text. However, her fingers stopped in the end. Would sending a text message now make me look desperate?
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