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Chapter 779 You Can’t Be Serious?

  • When George found Ye Moxuan, he told the latter how he forced the Caucasian man to drink all the alcohol last night. After that, the man could not carry on and passed out. He dialed 911 to send the person to the hospital and left after making sure that the man was still breathing.
  • After Ye Moxuan heard this, his face was neutral without any trace of emotions. George did not know what else to say. Damn, this guy has facial paralysis! He scolded the man in his heart and thought, Was he not like this as well when he came to her rescue last night?
  • Last night, when Ye Moxuan kicked the Caucasian man, he had used a lot of strength. When everyone had left, George took a look around and found that the wine cabinet was cracked. The man was lucky enough to not have broken bones.
  • Stroking his chin, George suddenly asked, “After you sent her back last night, you didn’t do anything else to her, did you?”
  • Hearing the question, the movements in Ye Moxuan’s hand suddenly paused as his cold eyes fell on the man before him. “Do you think I’m like you?”
  • “Hehe, you didn’t dare to do it, eh? Are you still a man? It was such a good opportunity for the hero to save the damsel in distress. She’s just a lone woman, yet you didn’t make your move. Are you incompetent, or…”
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