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Chapter 1405 Wedding Invitation

  • “Thanks, Mom.” Yan opened her arms and hugged Luo Huimei. “I’m really happy, Mom. Is this all real? Why does it feel like I’m dreaming? Is Han Qing really here to propose? Do you think he’s going to regret it when he gets home?”
  • “Silly girl. The both of you are together every day. Do you think he’ll regret it?”
  • Yan did not think so. Han Qing treated her very well. Even Xu Yanwan, who he grew up with, did not receive any special treatment from him. Only Yan did.
  • “Alright, don’t come up with silly thoughts. You’ve made your choice. Let’s go out now and not keep people waiting for too long.”
  • “Okay.”
  • After their marriage was pronounced and both parties discussed it, Luo Huimei hired someone to find an auspicious date for them. Once that was settled, they got busy with the subsequent wedding preparations.
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