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Chapter 1129 Do You Want to Make a Call to Ask?

  • Han Qing was puzzled. After being puzzled for an hour or so, the person who was supposed to appear in his office never showed up. He slightly furrowed his brows. It looks like my action last night really gave her a fright because everything seems to be alright before this, but now she suddenly disappears. Was she serious when she said that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me?
  • Han Qing lowered his eyes, making it difficult for people to read his emotions. It was after a moment that he gave Su Jiu a call, asking her to hold the meeting again. The meeting, which was supposed to be held today, was postponed to tomorrow, but now it was rescheduled to today. Su Jiu felt tired at the erratic changes, but as a highly capable secretary, she lacked the courage to reject or question his instructions and didn’t dare to complain. Therefore, she just nodded to show that she understood before going to make the necessary arrangements.
  • The meeting started half an hour later. Right before entering the meeting room, Han Qing cast a glance at Su Jiu. “Did you receive any news today?”
  • This sudden question stunned Su Jiu, but she soon made sense of the situation—Yan, who was supposed to show up today with the food, did not come. “No.”
  • She shook her head as she thought, Lately, Yan has always come every day at the same time. Not only Han Qing, but even I, his secretary, am used to it. Therefore, when Han Qing told me to postpone the meeting, I thought that he did it on purpose for that young lady, Yan. However, the young lady unexpectedly did not show up, leaving him alone in the office waiting for her. After waiting for some time, he decided to hold the meeting again and now he is asking me if I’ve heard any news? It is obvious that he is asking about Yan. “President Han, do you need me to make a call on your behalf to ask her?”
  • “There is no need for that.” Han Qing coldly rejected her suggestion and strode indifferently into the meeting room. Upon seeing this, Su Jiu cocked her head to one side as she did not know what to say.
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