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Chapter 77 Will He Believe Me if I Told Him?

  • Ye Moxuan’s piercing gaze was as sharp as a blade when it fell upon her body. In that instant, Shen Qi was rendered speechless; she didn’t know how to explain herself.
  • Therefore, she could only bite her lower lip and stare at Ye Moxuan because she wasn’t going to explain herself nor say anything.
  • Ye Moxuan narrowed his eyes and wrapped his slender fingers lightly upon the steel armrest of the wheelchair. “It seems that you aren’t planning to explain yourself?”
  • Shen Qi stubbornly bit her lower lip out of worry.
  • “Assistant Shen, how did you follow us here?” Xiao Su looked surprised when he saw Shen Qi here. However, he felt delighted in his heart. Could Assistant Shen be jealous when she knew about Young Master Ye’s matter?
  • With that thought in mind, Xiao Su couldn’t help but glance at Ye Moxuan.
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