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Chapter 1308 I Won’t Admit nor Deny

  • Xu Yanwan was rendered speechless. What a direct question! She really doesn’t see me as an outsider. She stared at the receptionist with vague eyes and didn’t utter a word. The receptionist even felt her head itching after being stared at in this manner. “W-Why are you looking at me like that? Did I say something wrong? I remember when you first came to Han Group, you asked me for President Han. I asked you whether you were engaged with him and you said yes.”
  • Xu Yanwan had a look at the receptionist to guess her motives for asking these questions. Judging from her position, she would not be so curious to know about my engagement with Han Qing unless she herself is interested in him. Otherwise, she could just be a person who loves to gossip and that’s why she’s asking me. However, no matter whatever reason the receptionist had, Xu Yanwan was reluctant to answer the former’s question.
  • “Just say it. Are you our President Han’s fiancée?” the receptionist asked again.
  • Upon hearing the receptionist’s words, Xu Yanwan slowly quirked up the corner of her lips and gazed at her indifferently. “So what if it’s true and so what if it’s not? What are you trying to do by asking me this?”
  • The receptionist’s eyes lit up after listening to her. “So, you admit it?”
  • “Did I admit it?” Xu Yanwan let out a soft laugh. “Did I admit it just now?”
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