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Chapter 853 This Is a Misunderstanding

  • This scene appeared in the elevator.
  • As Rory was standing together with Han Muzi, though George was closer to Rory, he was facing both of them when he lifted his shirt, looking precisely like a pervert.
  • When the door of the elevator opened, Ye Moxuan was standing right outside with a dark expression. Rory’s scream was stuck in her throat upon seeing this.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • His emotionless voice seemed to have come from hell and wrapped around George immediately. George looked as if he had turned into a statue; only his head moved as he slowly turned around.
  • When his gaze met Ye Moxuan’s, George quickly pulled down the lifted shirt in his hands and smiled. “Yuchi, listen to me—this is all a misunderstanding.”
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