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Chapter 1226 Am I Not Being Obvious Enough?

  • Yan slowly let out a congested breath, then she grinned in satisfaction. While she was doing so, she had been facing the window; she thought Han Qing wouldn’t notice. However, the moment she let out her grin, his voice floated into her ears. “What are you grinning so foolishly about, Mrs. Han?”
  • At those words, the smile on her lips froze suddenly. She was stunned for a long while before she snapped back to reality and looked in his direction. “W-What nonsense are you talking about? Who is grinning foolishly?” At the same time, her face had turned completely red.
  • Watching her, Han Qing lifted his hand and pinched her cheeks, then laughed softly. “Of course, it’s you. There are reflections on the window.”
  • When he spelled it out so clearly, her face that had been only half-flushed became fully-flushed instantly. Glaring at him fiercely, she turned her head away in an angry huff. I’m not going to talk to him anymore! Then, she seemed to remember something. Turning her head back, she huffed angrily. “And don’t call me Mrs. Han!” We aren’t married yet!
  • Holding on to his laughter, he arched his brows. “Oh? Didn’t you admit in front of everybody that we are a married couple just now? You’ve already recognized me as your husband, yet you won’t let me call you Mrs. Han. What are you trying to get at?”
  • In response, she explained herself with great effort, “I made it up on the spot because I was angry at somebody. You know that!”
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