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  • Edgar and His Destined Wife


    They had been married for two years, but Jean had only seen Edgar once - at her father's funeral. "I only married you to get back at your disgusting father, now that he's finally dead, it's time for you to pay for his sins." He did the unthinkable to her, but on the following day, announced his marriage to another woman, leaving Jean with nothing after the divorce. That was not the worst of it. What came after were tough interviews, facing jailtime, and what felt like a neverending downward spiral. It was at this point when Jean finally realized that Edgar hated her to the bones...

New Arrival

  • Craving In Silence (18+)


    “Why do you have a lot of questions? You just need to say yes or no!” he said and sit next to me, he put me on his lap and I feel the bulge under my back. He take a closer look at my face and slid the finger on my finger, “Marry me.” “You are too demanding! but yes, I’m going to marry you…on paper!” then he plastered a smile on his face and bit his lower lip, “So you’re going to kiss me right now.” “Huh? why?” “Because you finally said yes!” I tried to get away from him and went back to my seat, but his arms locked in my waist, “Kiss me.” “No,” “Kiss me or I won’t marry you!” I stared at him, gasped in my breath, and closed my eyes when I heard an explosion outside. “What the f*ck—”

  • Promises Forgotten


    Zachary Anderson, CEO and billionaire from the outside looks as though he has everything. A super model fiancés, money, and looks. One thing he hasn’t been able to achieve was happiness. An accident three years ago had him missing six months but nothing seemingly important happened and only deals with the slight headaches that came with it. Until he starts to remember. Remember a woman. A woman who saved his life. Evelyn Harris turned out to be far more than what he originally remembered. Can Zach keep his life together while dealing with this mystery woman? Or will everything he built over the last three years go down in flames?