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  • Edgar and His Destined Wife


    They had been married for two years, but Jean had only seen Edgar once - at her father's funeral. "I only married you to get back at your disgusting father, now that he's finally dead, it's time for you to pay for his sins." He did the unthinkable to her, but on the following day, announced his marriage to another woman, leaving Jean with nothing after the divorce. That was not the worst of it. What came after were tough interviews, facing jailtime, and what felt like a neverending downward spiral. It was at this point when Jean finally realized that Edgar hated her to the bones...

New Arrival

  • The Banished Alpha Heir


    After getting banished for a crime he did not commit. Prince Zayn, the rightful heir to the throne finds himself in a new world: A world of humans he never truly believed existed. One the wolves called ' the other world'. He is attacked by a pack of wolf who wanted him out of the place and the alpha of this powerful pack in that part of the world turns out to be his mate but she rejected him instantly with threats to eliminate him. Will the powerful heir stand his ground against his dangerous mate or scurry away like a scaredy wolf? Find out .....

  • Be My Wifey Or Lose Your Job


    "I have found the woman I want to marry. Her name is Janelle Bright. She's the woman I want" George McFarland is one of the ranking billionaire in the city. His mother has been pestering him to get a wife as he isn't getting younger but older. On going to the court to see his employer get indicted,he met Janelle and immediately picks interest in her. "I want to request your daughter from you, ma'am. And,I hope you won't turn me down." George's mother went to Janelle mother convenience shop. When Janelle got to know what was happening,she was told she was going to wed a man she barely knows in the coming weeks.