Readers' Recs

New Arrival

  • The Forgotten Wolf


    She was born into the great kingdom of The Millennium Wolf as a Princess but was Rejected at birth by her parents and her siblings because she wasn't blessed with the mark of Odin (Eyes of the Moon Goddess). She was thrown from a cliff where a woman beneath the cliffs awaits for the dead Child. She was soon Forgotten by everyone but little did they know that she was Odin.

  • The Ruthless Wolf


    He is evil. Some say he is a monster, a demon in disguise. The gods and every supernatural being are scared of him, including his father. His father, the king of all supernaturals and a half Lycan werewolf and vampire, had impregnated his mother and left them in a faraway undisclosed place, going back to his kingdom and back into his mate's arms and their son. Seven years later, he appeared claiming to be his son, and when the young boy got challenged by the gods, he defeated Zeus sending fears into the hearts of every gods, monsters and supernatural beings. He listens to no one, not even his father, his step mother or his half brother until an unknown ugly chubby girl walks into the supernatural school and he finds himself melting and his two cold hearts changing. Vala, a half dragon, demon and elf, was sent on a mission to the supernatural school, make Ruthless fall in love with her and steal one of his heart's to unlock the chains that binds her father, Lucifer's brother.