New Arrival

  • My Savior Is A Devil


    “Pleasure me, and I will help you.” Will a woman seeking freedom find it in another’s embrace, or will her fate be worse? _____________________________ Alexa Morgan curled herself into a ball at the corner of her room. They tied her foot to her bed with a long chain. Bruises cover her whole body, and every time she moves, she feels the pain. She couldn’t stop crying as she remembered what had happened earlier. Her Dad got mad when he found out she defied his instructions of staying in her room. All she did was pick flowers from the garden, but he still found fault in that. He slapped her so hard her lips had split. Months later, after thinking her father had finally felt love for her, he turns around again and sells her to the person he owes the most, Max Willies. Will she suffer in his hands or will someone else come and save her?

  • One Night Stand Gone Wrong


    Arielle scored the most lucrative deal of her career and decided to celebrate it with a two-week vacation touring another continent. In her plans to let loose for the first time in her life she has a one-night stand with a fellow tourist. The next day she left him with a simple goodbye note thinking they would never see each other again. __ Thomas finally managed to squeeze a two-week vacation after five years of grueling his ass for his family business. His plans to relax take a detour when he meets a fascinating tourist who was enjoying herself alone. After they tangled in bed, she left him with the intention to never cross paths again, which he is more than happy to oblige. His estimation of her increases with her non-clingy attitude. __ But fate has other plans as he turns out to be her employer for her biggest deal yet and they are forced to work together for the next 6 months. As the sparks fly, where would it lead them?