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  • Reborn of the Genius Assassin


    She was the world's number one genius assassin. She was ruthless and murderous, yet she was deceived and used by the organisation and met a tragic end. When she was reborn, she became a fat, stupid, useless student. Fat? She surprised everyone after losing weight! Stupid? The principal of the Taragon University personally came to recruit her! Useless? The hacker genius calls her his idol! The medical genius begged to be her minions! Even mercenaries chased after her and called her "boss"! Mathematical genius pesters for a solution! She originally wanted to experience an ordinary life but accidentally became the number one in the world. A sinister boss fell in love with her and protected her. The male and female leads always fight, yet both are obsessed with each other. The female lead is calm, powerful, and a genius who acts before speaking. The male lead is careful and loves the female lead deeply.

New Arrival

  • Alpha's Secret Baby


    Celine is a high-powered construction executive who has suffered a painful setback in love. Her greatest wish in life is to have a child to fill the void left by her lost love. While stubbornly pursuing this dream, she meets Jordan, a man with an aura of mystery. A chance encounter at a bar brings them together, but she leaves early the next morning, unaware that her life will never be the same. A few days later, Celine discovers she's pregnant, and to her even greater surprise, Jordan turns out to be the father of her child. Despite the fact that it was an unconscious fulfillment of her heart's desire, she was grateful and decided to keep the paternity a secret. A few years pass and her one and a half year old son, Benjamin, mysteriously falls ill. Doctors diagnose him with a rare and unknown form of leukemia, and Celine finds herself in a race against time to find a cure. Desperate to find a cure, Celine realizes that her blood is incompatible with her son's and her only hope is to find Benjamin's father. When she finally finds Benjamin's father, Jordan ignores her and tries to avoid any involvement with her. However, when Celine reveals Benjamin's horrific condition, Jordan confesses his terrible secret: he is a werewolf, the leader of the pack.

  • A Love Match Made In Heart


    Evelina's world was thrown into disarray when she found herself entangled in an unexpected marriage to the man meant for her sister, a union born from her sister's transgression. Initially faced with a partner who seemed indifferent to her worth, Evelina's perspective shifted as she unraveled the layers of his guarded heart, discovering the depth of his hidden affections, tainted by past wounds. As their love story unfolded amidst the shadows of betrayal and lies woven by those they held dear, Evelina's life took a dramatic turn. Amidst the echoes of past sins of their family and the whispers of forbidden desires, their story unfolds as they navigate a treacherous path fraught with revelations and deceit. The fragile threads of their connection were tested by the weight of family secrets, threatening to unravel the bond they had fought so hard to forge.