Readers' Recs

  • Stealing Your Heart


    “Is this your first time?” “ I will not regret it.....”She was 18 years old. This was supposed to be the most wonderful years in her youth but yet..... “I have money, I have the money! Please save my mother and brother......”But it was too late. … Because of her mom, she had to marry a man who was very ugly with birth defects…at the same time she found she had got pregnant.

Werewolf / Vampire

  • Hubris Illusion

    Young Adult

    Coming off the most triumphant win of their gaming career, the team leader of ClovEX (Dakota Barnes) discovers a revelation about his childhood friend ( Tyler Fuller). He never had a girlfriend, but he is constantly fantasizing over the school's most attractive girl (Sonia Summers), who just so happened to break her relationship with her abusive, self-centered, and uncaring boyfriend. Deciding to try and help his best friend, Dakota poses a challenging proposition to the distraught Sonia. "I'll pay you 100 dollars every week, just to pretend to be Tyler's girlfriend; what could go wrong? Right?" Upon taking the challenge, Sonia, the school body, and the renowned hometown gaming team members soon begin their up and down wild roller coaster ride that leads to hearts being broken and tears being shed.

  • Virulent Halcyon: The Beginning


    Jack Blue finally found a way to see his best friend once again, who he lost during a great war. With the aid of other biochemists and the backing of the countries elite squadron O.R.B, he finalizes the serum for reanimation. With ambitions and hopes to aim higher, he fails to acknowledge the danger; he has unleashed upon Ivy City. Now the dead rise again, only without their memories and an insatiable appetite for humanity. Everyone must evacuate the city before they are torn to pieces. From here, we mark the beginning of the “Hazard” virus. Welcome to Virulent Halcyon.