Readers' Recs

  • Operation: My Mommy My Call


    “What a coincidence Jiang Xiaoxiao! Serves you right! You sold your body to deliver a baby to another man.” “Don’t you ever tell anyone that you are from the Jiang family. You are such a disgrace.” Even her fiancé had loathed her, “Jiang Xiaoxiao, how could you be so disgusting?” Pain and hatred intertwined her heart, as she felt her lips turn white. It was as if she had been drowned into the deepest ocean, and finally…Into an immense darkness.

Werewolf / Vampire

  • Alpha Ace And His Undercover Mate


    My name is Roxy Gilbert and I'm apart of The Silent Moon Pack. When I was two years old, we were attacked by a stronger and more powerful pack. They took our home, our people, our land and our dignity... And I'm getting it back. *** Roxy and her twin brother, Aiden, have been training their whole lives to go undercover as spies in the pack that overthrew them. Their aim is to figure out the pack's weak spots, get enough information as possible about them, and attack when they least expect it. What Roxy doesn't know is that her mate was the new Alpha of that very pack, which leaves her torn between betraying her pack or her mate. Who will she choose? Let the tests of trust, love and loyalty begin....

  • The Human


    Luka was the best Alpha the Brightwater Pack ever had. That is, until he loses his mate and everything comes crashing down. Having lost everything he loved and his one real reason for living, he attempts suicide on a human territory, when Victoria intervenes and ruin his plans. She makes it her duty to help the man that 'couldn't be saved', after he constantly refuses her help. What happened when she uncovers his secrets one by one? Will Victoria give up on him, or will she surprise them both? Who would've thought that she could save him just in the nick of time? Or does she....