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  • Reborn of the Genius Assassin


    She was the world's number one genius assassin. She was ruthless and murderous, yet she was deceived and used by the organisation and met a tragic end. When she was reborn, she became a fat, stupid, useless student. Fat? She surprised everyone after losing weight! Stupid? The principal of the Taragon University personally came to recruit her! Useless? The hacker genius calls her his idol! The medical genius begged to be her minions! Even mercenaries chased after her and called her "boss"! Mathematical genius pesters for a solution! She originally wanted to experience an ordinary life but accidentally became the number one in the world. A sinister boss fell in love with her and protected her. The male and female leads always fight, yet both are obsessed with each other. The female lead is calm, powerful, and a genius who acts before speaking. The male lead is careful and loves the female lead deeply.

New Arrival

  • Retaliation By The Divorced Heiress


    In an attempt to win Justin Salvador over with her unshakable commitment, Bella Thompson took on a new identity and signed a three-year marriage contract. When their contract expired, Justin surprised her by bringing the divorce papers to her in a hurry. Bella, devastated, signed papers and went back to her family, assuming the role of the Thompson business empire's heiress. Bella never covered up her amazing abilities after that. She was a medical prodigy, a world-class hacker, a fencing champion, and a millionaire heiress. Bella went all out to embarrass her ex-husband's childhood sweetheart at an auction, determined to exact her retribution. She also emerged as the primary business opponent of her ex-husband. At last, Justin approached her and exclaimed, "Bella Thompson! Are you really so cruel?How I treat you now is only a fraction of the cruelty you subjected me to back then," Bella hissed in response.

  • Mafia's Obsession, You're My Angel


    "I hate you!" Angelina cried while beating his chest with her hands. Danzel just smirked at her little attempt. He lowered himself until he could feel the fear from her breaths and said, "Love, you can hate me all you want. It doesn't affect me either way!! But one thing you get straight into that brain of yours that there is no escape from me. I am never letting you go!" Angelina's eyes widened in fear and she cried, her petite figure struggling in his arms. Little did she know that she was just waking up the dead feelings in his heart. She was going to be the queen of his life.