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  • Edgar and His Destined Wife


    They had been married for two years, but Jean had only seen Edgar once - at her father's funeral. "I only married you to get back at your disgusting father, now that he's finally dead, it's time for you to pay for his sins." He did the unthinkable to her, but on the following day, announced his marriage to another woman, leaving Jean with nothing after the divorce. That was not the worst of it. What came after were tough interviews, facing jailtime, and what felt like a neverending downward spiral. It was at this point when Jean finally realized that Edgar hated her to the bones...

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  • Forced Seduction


    Carina Swan is a self-taught painter with a lively personality, but all changes when she meets the man she believes can alter her life for the better, but she is mistaken. This man will be the one capable of inducing nightmares in her. However, she uncovers a past that can serve as a warning to her mind not to fall in love with this guy. In the past, she lost her memories and suffered brain damage, and this guy she despises is actually her husband. However, how can this happen? Read the novel what happen next!

  • It Started With A Contract


    Hazel is aged 25. She is a young lady who has a dream of working in big companies. She hates being cheated on. She is also crazy as well. Employers keeps turning her down because of one thing or the other. Finally she was offered a job by the person she insulted, embarrassed and punished. Mark is the C.E.O of M&K company, along with his only friend Jack. he is grumpy and rude. He doesn't condole any form laziness or inactive workers. His parents has being disturbing his to get married soon because he is not getting younger. He is 30 years of age. All of a sudden his parents threatened him to bring a wife in 2 weeks time or they retrieve everything from him. He felt the threat was empty. Not until he was told to get married before he can sign a multi billion contract. He decided to have a contract marriage. The first person that comes to his mind is HAZEL. Will she accept the offer?.

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