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Chapter 320 A Reciprocal Love

  • “But—” Before Shen Qi could finish, Ye Linhan reached out and stroked her head. “Alright. We’ll talk about it in the future. Ye Zi, please go through the discharge procedure and pack up my stuff.”
  • Shen Qi understood that he was doing it for her sake because she wouldn’t leave the hospital without him leaving first, even if she were told to. He was doing it to force her to leave.
  • Ye LinhanStop being so good to me. Im not worth it. For some reason, Shen Qi started to feel sorry for him. She felt as if she was the worst person in the world, and she didn’t need Ye Linhan to do so much for her. Moreover, they hadn’t known each other for a long time. Even if he really liked her, he had done more than what she deserved.
  • In the end, Ye Zi went through the discharge procedure for both of them. Yet, when Yi Zi was going through the discharge process, the doctor suggested, “Both of you may appear to be fine now, but I suggest that you should stay for another two days for further observations. Don’t you have two more days to spare?”
  • However, the doctor’s persuasion was to no avail. After giving some advice, he signed the papers and let them go.
  • Shen Qi left the hospital with them. Ye Linhan’s chauffeur had come to fetch them, but when Ye Zi wanted to help Shen Qi to get in, Ye Linhan suddenly said, “Ye Zi, she’s heading somewhere else.”
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