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Chapter 206 I Saw It in Person, I’m in Disbelief

  • Xueyou is planning to seduce Ye Moxuan?
  • Shen Qi felt as if she heard the most ridiculous thing on earth, and her lips twitched uncontrollably. She asked with a strained smile, “T-That can’t be possible, can it? You must have misunderstood Xueyou because I know her, and she is definitely not that kind of person.”
  • Tsk, I’m not sure if I should call you a simpleton or a fool!” Yan crossed her arms in front of her chest in exasperation before starting to analyze the situation for Shen Qi. “She told you that she is here to discuss work, am I right? In that case, did you see her holding any files or documents for work? That is the first point. The second is this—is it necessary to put on such an outfit for a work discussion? Her collar is so low-cut that it barely covers anything. My guess is that, while walking, she will be exposing herself by accident-on-purpose for Young Master Ye.”
  • Shen Qi did not have a comeback for that.
  • “How did the two of you end up as close friends? Qi, how can you trust a woman like her?”
  • Shen Qi was rendered speechless by that question because after Yan’s analysis, Shen Qi also felt that it was rather odd for Han Xueyou to meet Ye Moxuan to discuss work. However, Shen Qi had been close friends with her for so many years, and that was why she trusted that she would not do such a thing.
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