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Chapter 375 Strategy in Place

  • “Looks like everyone is here.” Su Jiu scanned the room and noted everyone was present. When she peeped into the room and realized the aloof youth was sitting at the corner, she announced, “Let me introduce you. This is Miss Muzi, your new boss from now on.”
  • No one heard the last part of the sentence because they only focused on the part where Su Jiu called her Miss Muzi.
  • Throughout the years, Su Jiu worked as Han Qing’s efficient secretary-cum-assistant. Hence, she was well-known in the business world, and as designers, they knew about her as well.
  • However, at that moment, Su Jiu introduced Han Muzi with an honorific; in fact, Su Jiu’s gaze had a genuine twinkling smile, and it wasn’t the type of mocking air they were expecting.
  • A few people regarded Han Muzi with a different perspective now, but someone voiced out their dissatisfaction anyway.
  • “A boss at such a young age? Is she really skillful or did she… get here using some unspeakable means?” Leng Yueyue asked scathingly. She was wearing a red dress, paired with a bright red color lipstick, which made her lips look alluring. However, she seemed to be giving off a cold and aloof air despite her sensuality.
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