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Chapter 267 I Want to Hug You

  • “I-In love… with Ye Moxuan?” Shen Qi was stumped by the question, and her eyes seemed glazed over while she pondered over that question. “No, I am not in love with him at all!” she exclaimed while shaking her head.
  • “Haha, you’re lying!” Yan countered promptly while giggling. “You are so in love with him!”
  • “No! I am not in love with him!” Shen Qi retorted with a pout. She seemed adamant on not admitting her feelings for Ye Moxuan.
  • Despite being drunk, subconsciously, she wanted the fact that she was in love with Ye Moxuan to remain her very own secret because she felt that it was a secret she had to hide for the rest of her life, and nobody should know about it.
  • After all, from others’ perspectives, falling in love with Ye Moxuan was a ridiculous thing.
  • That’s because I have nothing at all, and I am not good enough. I am not compatible with someone of such a significant stature as Ye Moxuan. I am a person with a tainted life, and it is a ridiculous joke for me to be in love with him.
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