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Chapter 776 Stubborn Woman

  • She was feeling extremely cold, though she was not sure if it was because of the cold weather outside or because she was starving. After she wrapped her arms around Ye Moxuan's neck, both their bodies leaned against each other intimately. His body was exceptionally warm even through the layers of clothes. Compared to her, one was like ice while the other was like fire.
  • Yuchi Shen realized she was very light when he carried her. Her waist was so thin that it could be broken with one hand, and… her body was as cold as a block of ice. He frowned and ignored everyone else. He then turned around and left the cubicle with Han Muzi in his arms.
  • The people who were left in the room looked at each other. Some of them could not help but rub their eyes. “Am I seeing this correctly? Is that person… really Yuchi?”
  • “Damn. Why is that woman so lucky?”
  • The server George called brought over all the alcohol—dozens after dozens. Even though he did not know what happened here… the bar was still earning money. Moreover, it was under his tab, so he could get a hefty commission from this. It was only natural for him to perform diligently. He even went over to George after he was almost done serving. “Sir, we’re almost done serving all the alcohol.”
  • George passed the waiter his credit card from his wallet and said frivolously, “Swipe my card. After that, go get a few people and restrain that person over there. Pour all this wine into his mouth.”
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