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Chapter 1185 Delivery (1)

  • Little Bean’s words brought Old Master Yuchi to his senses. He quickly implored, "Should we go now?"
  • "Yes!" Nodding, Little Bean took out his phone to send a message to Song An to ask for directions before heading out of the villa with Old Master Yuchi.
  • It was in the middle of the night when Yan abruptly felt the vibration underneath her pillow while she was sound asleep. Is that my phone? Yan was too exhausted to bring herself to check her phone. After a while, the vibration stopped before it started again. In the end, Yan had no choice but to reach for her phone underneath her pillow and answer it. "Hello…" Her voice was feeble when she spoke, sounding muddled.
  • "Aunt Yan!" Little Bean's voice came clearly from the other end of the phone, which made Yan frown subconsciously. "Little Bean? It's midnight. Why're you calling me? Is something wrong?"
  • "Ah! Aunt Yan, Mommy's giving birth!"
  • "Huh… Who? What does that have to do—" Halfway through her sentence, she paused for a moment before she became completely awake. She quickly sat up on her bed with her eyes widened. "Muzi's going to give birth?"
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