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Chapter 498 What If She Blames You

  • Ye Moxuan’s eyes made her feel at loss. At last, Han Muzi diverted her eyes away from him.
  • Song An was a doctor, so she would know how to examine Ye Moxuan’s wound. As Han Muzi stood aside, she suddenly heard Song An’s deep breathing, then she asked in disbelief, “W-What happened to you? W-Why are you so badly injured?”
  • Nobody answered Song An while she sat there looking at Ye Moxuan’s wound. At the end, she couldn’t bear him like this, so she re-bandaged his wound and sat down to calm herself down.
  • After her emotions were stable, she turned her sight toward Ye Moxuan. “Don’t tell me that that wound was caused by Lin Qingqing.”
  • Listening to her, Ye Moxuan sneered, “Could I have done that to myself?”
  • Song An kept quiet afterward. Even though she had guessed from the start that Ye Moxuan might have been hurt by Lin Qingqing, she couldn’t have imagined the wound to be this serious. She had seen wounds like this before… but not that much. Nevertheless, the severity of those wounds left a hard print on her mind.
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