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Chapter 1143 Little Bean's Uncle

  • This sudden male voice that came out of nowhere caught the two off guard. They turned around and looked in the direction where the voice came from. Standing at the entrance of the cubicle was Han Qing in his black suit, and on his gorgeous face was a look of restrained anger; he was staring at Little Bean.
  • Locking his eyes with Han Qing's callous gaze, Little Bean could feel his anger. He quickly withdrew his neck. Oh no! I think I've just made Uncle Qing angry. Someone, please help me!
  • It was not an accomplished mission for Little Bean yet as Aunt Yan had not come. Though, he had already informed the server to bring Yan over when she arrives. Meanwhile, he was earnestly hoping that Aunt Yan would show up before Uncle Qing's temper spiraled out of control.
  • "Uncle Qing."
  • After a long wait, Han Qing was finally here. However, now that he showed up, Little Bean was slightly terrified by him. After a shout, Little Bean contracted his neck, hoping that Aunt Yan would quickly appear. As long as Aunt Yan is here, Uncle Qing will forget about me.
  • Han Qing was not supposed to be here. If Yan was going to marry her blind date, that was her right, and he did not have the authority to interfere in her freedom and right to choose. Despite this being his reasoning, it was difficult for him to carry it out.
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