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Chapter 1109 Are You Coming Tomorrow?

  • Yan was so anxious that her eyes reddened and she almost burst into tears. It was only after she heard Han Qing’s gentle reply that she realized she had overreacted. She quickly loosened her hands and took a step back before she put the food back in the bag.
  • They had no idea what to say all of the sudden, hence, silence fell in the reception room. Someone suddenly knocked on the door at this moment—it was Su Jiu standing by the door with a half-amused expression. “Have you finished your meal? President Han, there’s a video conference in five minutes and I’ve already prepared the documents for you.”
  • Han Qing did not reply to her and frowned while Yan turned around. Didn’t he just finish a meeting? There’s one more? Just how busy is he everyday? After the previous meeting, he didn’t even have the chance to have lunch. If he has another meeting now, he won’t be able to eat something!
  • “Got it,” he answered. “I’ll be over soon.”
  • After Su Jiu heard Han Qing’s reply, she waved to Yan before leaving. This made Yan feel even more uneasy. She took the bag and rose to her full height. “Since you are going to be busy soon, I shall take my leave first.”
  • Seeing that she was about to leave, Han Qing wanted to ask her to wait for him for a little longer. When he remembered how long she had waited for him earlier, there was no point in that because she fell asleep out of boredom. He hesitated for a moment before saying, “Since your leg is injured, I’ll ask Mr. Nan to send you home. Just wait here for him for 15 minutes.” With that, he called Mr. Nan, who rushed over as soon as possible. Han Qing also made a move moments before the conference call started.
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