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Chapter 1018 A Little Appetizer Wouldn’t Hurt, Right?

  • To feel aroused now… Han Muzi looked distracted; alarm bells were ringing in her head, warning her that this situation could not go on. However, her body was not resisting. Under the urging of Ye Moxuan’s sexy appearance, her hands slowly wrapped around his neck as she began to respond passionately; she was lost in a delirious frenzy.
  • Before, Ye Moxuan had struggled to make a move on her as she was not responsive and had resisted his advances per usual. However, now that she began responding to his advances, he realized how bad the situation had become. Initially, he had only intended to playfully tease her. Since he couldn’t have the main course, a little appetizer wouldn’t hurt, right? But, now…
  • Lost in a delirious state, she suddenly felt the person pressing his body down on her roll over then sat on the edge of the bed. She was pregnant, so he could only hold her tenderly in the palms of his hands, for fear of hurting her. After being teased so badly, she had made her decision, but he promptly rolled over and moved away. Why?
  • “What’s wrong?” Staring at his back, she moodily asked.
  • Turning his head to glance at her, the color of his eyes was dark—it was like there was a ball of fire dancing wildly. Pursing his lips in mild annoyance, he hoarsely muttered, “Aren’t you pregnant?”
  • Not understanding what he meant by that, she nodded. “Yeah.”
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