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Chapter 1436 I’m the One Imposing Myself on You

  • Jiang Xiaobai was alone at first; she did not expect Han Muzi to strike up a conversation and even say things to comfort her.
  • It seems like shes doing so out of kindness; I do seem quite pitiful because I am alone, she thought to herself.
  • Feeling Han Muzi’s kindness, Jiang Xiaobai forced a faint smile and softened her voice slightly as she replied, “Yeah, I know that. Thank you.”
  • Little Bean blinked his eyes as he stared at Jiang Xiaobai. Even though Jiang Xiaobai wasn’t in a good mood right now, she couldn’t stop herself from being amazed by Little Bean’s face, for he looked rather exquisite and good-looking.
  • What kind of genes do his parents possess to have such a beautiful child? Jiang Xiaobai thought to herself.
  • As she glanced up at Han Muzi, she realized that the latter’s clear-cut and delicate facial features looked nothing like her son’s. Still, the two of them possessed similar charms—they were mother and son after all.
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