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Chapter 868 Wait for My Return

  • Standing alone at the door, Yu Bo pressed the doorbell and patiently waited there. He initially didn’t get the chance to enter the building. After showing the security guards his identity documents, which was then used to cross check with his face, he was finally able to go in search of Ye Moxuan. Of course, for safety purposes, a security guard of the neighborhood tagged along with him.
  • After standing outside for what seemed like eternity, the door finally opened. Yu Bo was finally able to see Ye Moxuan and with excitement on his face, he exclaimed, “Young Master Xuan, I finally found you.”
  • Ye Moxuan cast a glance at his housekeeper, Yu Bo, and casually said, “Mr. Yu, it’s late. What brings you here?” With that, he looked at the security guard behind Yu Bo.
  • The neighborhood’s security guard finally confirmed that they knew each other and uttered, “Since you really know each other, I shall make a move.”
  • After the neighborhood’s security guard left, Yu Bo shyly smiled and gently said, “Young Master Xuan, I’ve been calling you but you didn’t pick up my calls, so I have no choice but to come and look for you.”
  • Upon hearing that, Ye Moxuan’s eyes turned cold. “I know what you want. I’m not going back today.”
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